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Situated in El Puerto de Santa Maria and popularly known as Bodegas Las 7 Esquinas (7 corners winery). Its origins go back to 1841 when it was founded by Edmundo Grant Falconell. This bodega (winery), which has always remained in the hands of the same family, currently carries out the production and dispatch of vino Fino using traditional methods which give it a special bouquet and flavour when compared to other wines produced in the area.

Recognized by the Regulatory Council of the designation of origin Jerez / Xeres / Sherry and Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, the winery offers the possibility to buy their products at the office located in the cellar, where you can purchase our wine Fin, Oloroso, Amontillado, Moscatel, Pedro Ximenez, and Cream.

The breeding system of Fino wine in Bodegas Grant is called Criaderas and Pavers, which is a dynamic aging wines, where wines of different vintages are organized and evenly combined. In this system each slab, i.e., the row closest to the ground boots, has a number of hatcheries through which the wine runs in the aging process.

Such aging is performed by a long and careful process biological activated forming a yeast flor wine surface. These live microorganisms isolate wine preventing air contact and thus its oxidation, and provide nutrients to the wine its characteristic finesse, lightness and softness.

Our main dealers

Bodegas Grant is present in many countries in the world thanks to our distributors and business partners. Among our main distributors are: